Thursday, 12 July 2012

Launching My Website!!!

I am a life long Artist. My personal artwork includes mixed media calligraphic pieces including 23K gold gilding with watercolor and pen and ink.

My pieces include tight illustrations and precise calligraphy and illumination along with very abstract splashes of color with controlled blocks of color. Inspiration for me comes from nature and the written word. I see a quotation and know how I could design and depict it in an art form to express the message better with impact. My customers do not buy my work only because they appreciate the artistic design but for the message as well meaning something special to them in their lives.

Teaching helps me not only to see the world and the calligraphic art form through the eyes of others, but also to define and practice the art of calligraphy, each facet that I was taught and use in my own artwork over and over again. Calligraphy is “Sweat between the ears” as Father E. M. Catich would say, and constant practice helps one check themselves with techniques and skills.

In response to many requests from customers and students over the years, I am launching my new website. I am hopeful that this website will help me connect with past students and customers as well as introduce my work to a wider audience. Please contact me via my email link on the right side of the page for quotes on commission fine art and graphic design work, or just to say hello!