Saturday, 7 October 2017

CATFISH Letter Arts School Fall 2017 Workshops!!!!

I am pleased to announce that as a Core Faculty Member for The CATFISH Letter Arts School, I will be offering an Introduction to Calligraphy Workshop on November 18, 2017.

The word calligraphy comes from two Greek words: Kallos, meaning beautiful, and grapheme, which means to write. Students will learn the fundamental strokes of different alphabets and will develop the skills to execute alphabets with the knowledge of letter cant, slant and stroke sequences. Students will develop these skills through in class lecture and participation.
This course will introduce the fundamentals of calligraphy using a Schaefer pen. This workshop will introduce the ideal letterforms, the proper stroke sequence and direction for making letter forms, and the Petrarch Alphabet. Instruction will be provided in group and one-on-one. Participants will learn how to layout a small broadside and create a greeting card using calligraphy. Participants will take home a Schaefer fountain pen and course notes in addition to their finished projects.
No formal textbook is required. A handout will be given to each student. Excerpts from sources, such as “Origin of the Serif,” “Reed Pen & Brush Alphabets,” and “The Trajan Inscription in Rome” by Father E. M. Catich and other sources will be used.

The CATFISH Letter Arts School is the working division of The Art Legacy League. During the past year The ALL has been working to establish office, gallery and shop space, and classroom space as part of the JB Young Opportunity Center in Davenport, Iowa. We have just begun moving into our offices and gallery space and we have classroom space available for these workshops.

We have organized two more workshops through December 2018, INTRODUCTION TO CALLIGRAPHY, November 18th, and INTRODUCTION TO BRUSH WRITING, December 9th.

CLICK HERE  for links to our secure EVENTBRITE registration site which has complete course descriptions and a link to register online.

Registrations for each workshop are limited to 12 participants. We expect these workshops to fill up quickly, so do not delay!!