Friday, 9 October 2015

New Studio Work and Upcoming Show!!!

This piece, by Amy Nielsen, is the signature piece for the ARTS COLLECIVE next art show named, “A RIVER RUNS THRU US.” This upcoming show at Mid-Coast Art Gallery in Rock Island will feature artwork created by the Collective depicting in some way, the magnificent Mississippi here, and all around the Quad City Area. Dates and times TBA, so be sure to keep watching my site or The ARTS COLLECTIVE Facebook page…... We’ll be posting updates soon!

This piece was created this year for a girlfriend of mine in Nebraska. Her three year old Granddaughter is apparently quite “FIERCE” and loves spiders and snakes and bugs. This quote by Shakespeare fits her to a “T”. I was given the quote, some photographs, and a bit of background on her darling girlie girl and came up with this. I do hope that as it hangs in her bedroom, she will grow fond of it. I even hope she might give it to her daughter one day.
Had lots of fun with this one.
Watercolor, Sharpie Extra Fine Point.
Original 16X20.