Teaching Philosophy

Calligraphy is an art form and discipline that is hard work. In the studio classes, I lecture, demonstrate, and show the students how to apply calligraphic and design techniques to a given project. Students are required to practice these tasks in class with my help, and then apply them to the given assignment. This tests their ambition, persistence and work ethic, along with their creative skills. Students learn that if they choose to perfect these skills, it takes practice and sometimes many efforts to achieve a final goal of completion.

Learning calligraphy means making small decisions regarding spacing, angles, stroke sequences, and more. Fr. E. M. Catich once said, “If you can make the little decisions, the big ones will come easier.” 

I hope to be able to develop some new thought process in my classes and workshops, so those little decisions that will be made, will enhance and perfect the skills of the participants. I hope to help students develop a broad understanding of calligraphy and letters.  As the class work develops, students will narrow their viewpoints and develop their own skill levels reflecting their own personal style instead of the facilitators.

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